About Sports Onigokko

"Sports Onigokko" is the original sporting event developed by Mr. Yasuo Hasaki of IOA founder.
It is a sport that children and adults can enjoy together seriously.
Strategy and tactics are also very important, but not only exercise ability but also ingenuity and ingenuity are necessary.

Sports Onigokko

It is a sport that takes place within the bounds of a given coat like soccer or basketball. We compete for each other's "treasure" and compete for how much "treasure" could be taken in time.

In Japan, a national tournament is held and the national national team also exists. The competition population is 500,000 people, and it has become a popular sports that has been featured in the media as well.

Competition landscape

Greeting before the game

Strategy conference

Play with children

Rules of sports Onigokko

<basic rule> ①A team who hunts (acquires) treasure (treasure) many times in time will win. ②While going to take the opponent's treasure, protect your treasure. ③When touching, be sure to touch firmly with both hands. ④Do not enter guarded players inside the T circle. ⑤Cross the center line and enter the enemy base, if you touch the opponent, you can restart if you return to your own S area. ⑥Do not touch the opponent when entering the enemy's S area. ⑦When touching, do not push, hit, or do dangerous acts.
■ Game time
5 minutes × 2 (half time 2 minutes)
■ Number of field players
Seven-person system
(1 team composed of 10 to 12 persons)
■ Referee
Referee 1, Secondary Assistant 2, Scorer 1 (Second Referee)

<Match coat>
27 meters by 17 meters

Features of sports Onigokko

Motor skill does not matter

Regardless of athletic ability, sports Onigokko can be enjoyed.

Improve basic physical strength

Because it can make diverse movements, it helps to improve basic physical strength.

Improve human ability

Communication skills and teamwork abilities can be improved.

Introduction video