About Onigokko

Onigokko is a sports & recreation that was born in Japan in the past 1300 years.
It is popular among children and adults, it is the most popular culture.
The rules are simple, so even children can tackle immediately.


Onigokko is said to be "TAG" in English.
General TAG(=Onigokko) are as follows.
People who chase after, people who are being chased, when touched by people being chased, their roles change, people who touched will now be escaped. It is a very simple game.

However, rules are slightly different in Japan.
It is said that there are thousands of Japanese Onigokko in Japan.
There are various ways of playing and how to call.
Among them, the most ingested thing in Japan is Onigokko called "KOTORO KOTORO".

The rules of Onigokko are as follows.
There are "demons", "parents", "children" as roles.
It is a play that "parent" protects "child" from "demon".
In this picture, the first person is "parent", the person facing each other is "demon". The person behind the parent is "child".
A demon wins by touching the child behind the row.

Finally, "demon" can be paraphrased in English with daemon, but the Japanese demon "ONI" is not scary, it is considered to be an important existence.


Name "Tanbo Onigokko"

Name "Hands Onigokko"

Name "Hands Onigokko"

The history of Onigokko

In Japan, Onigokko have been popular since 1300 years ago, but it is said that the period between 1600 and 1900 was the most culturally flourishing. "Edo period" and "Meiji era".
These four pictures are photos and paintings of "KOTORO KOTORO" that was held at that time.

Edo Period

Meiji period

Meiji period

Meiji period

Features of Onigokko

Easy rules

Onigokko is easy to rule, you can enjoy from children to adults.

Lots of kinds

There are several thousand kinds in Japan, it is thought that there are many kinds if you add similar play of rules to the world.

Any location

You can do it anywhere. You can enjoy on flatlands, fields, parks, forests, athletic facilities, gyms, roadside, everywhere.