Creating a Town with Onigokko

As a vision, the IOA has "Creating a Town with Onigokko".
By being able to do Onigokko in the town, the town brightens brightly and children and adults can live peacefully.
Doing Onigokko makes your body healthier.
You can also deepen your ties with friends and friends.
The IOA wants to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world by Onigokko.


① Sports promotion

IOA will increase the number of people who are familiar with sports by expanding the supersport of sports by "Onigokko" everyone can do.

② Regional promotion

IOA will contribute to the revitalization of the region by "Onigokko".

③ Culture promotion

IOA respects diverse cultures and contributes to the promotion of culture.

④ International friendship

IOA will contribute to international goodwill through "Onigokko" everyone is bright and energetic.